New Baby Stuff I Love, Two Weeks In.

The baby market is ever-evolving, and even in comparison to what I observe in the always-innovating beauty world, it blows me away. So while I will cop to using a significant amount of hand-me-downs to keep Goldie clothed and cozy, there are some new acquisitions that I just must share in the event you, or someone you know, is expecting and you want to give them (or  yourself) one of the best baby gifts that will be used and very much loved:


The modern minimalist aesthetic of this new premium baby apparel line is the first thing I noticed upon breaking open the box- and soon thereafter, I came to appreciate the super soft material and completeness of the offerings inside. Two onesies (one for 3 months, another for 6 months), a burp cloth, mittens, a hat, a swaddle blanket and a great keepsake carrying case all retail for $125 and in my opinion is officially the most no-brainer baby gift of all time. Especially because for each BundlKit sold, a blanket is donated to a child in need. 

 2- Bottle Bibs

Random yet genius. Even with a burp cloth tucked under Goldie's chin, we still manage to finish every feeding with a décolletage full of formula. These are super simple but very smart outfit savers- think of them as part scrunchie, part napkin. Put one around the neck of a bottle and tuck the cloth under baby's chin, then feed away.  A set of 2 is around $9, and you really can never have enough. Throw one in your diaper bag, one around your wrist, and a handful wherever you stash your formula. 

 3-Fisher Price Infant Seat:

There is something about the old-school tried and true brands- sure, the designs may not be the most sleek or sexy, but they work. Very well. This infant seat is a prime example- every friend of mine who has had a baby in the past 8 months raves about this- and I can vouch for why. The angle is just so that a baby can sit comfortably even if you aren't 100% sure that you waited enough time post-feeding to put her down yet but you really need your hands free to, ya know, take a shower or check Instagram. It is light as a feather to tote around the house as needed, and can easily be rocked with one foot while you work, which I may or may not be doing right this second. 

There is more where this came from and as time allows, I will be sure to share them here. Because even the second time around, I appreciate that new moms can use all the honest advice they can get.